CRUE participates in the EUA Annual Conference: «Universities in Europe: integrity in a time of change»

Swansea, April 12, 2024. The Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) participated in the Annual Conference of the European Association of Universities (EUA), which was held at Swansea University (United Kingdom) about: «Universities in Europe: integrity in a time of change». A delegation of rectors and representatives of Spanish universities participated in the meeting along with the Secretary General of the organization, Mª Teresa Lozano.

During April 11 and 12, several events took place within this annual event: EUA Board, Council, and Meeting of Secretaries General Forum of this association. In addition, a roundtable took place for rectors, vice-chancellors, and representatives of university institutions, with the title «Risk-aware or risk averse?».

Finally, at the General Assembly, chaired by President Josep Maria Garrell, the 2023 Report of this association was presented, with the renewal of the Presidency and the Board of Directors. According to this document, the EUA has focused on 2023 on the review of its Strategic Plan to take stock of its achievements over the last decade and draw the plan for the future . The report also notes that this year the EUA has approved new statutes that include “governance and organizational structures necessary to effectively represent and manage” its members. Moreover, attendees at this Conference analyzed in the different sessions the capacity of universities to face change and contribute to the transformation of society, through their fundamental values and missions, and from three perspectives: integrity in university leadership; in the teaching-learning process; ethics and research, and fair and transparent academic evaluation.