Crue Spanish Universities works to develop a quality Higher Education system in Spain that guarantees equal opportunities, and to place value on the fundamental role of universities in the economic and social development of our country. To this end, it carries out the following activities.

  • Organise international meetings of rectors and university representatives, which allow closer ties that favour international cooperation in learning and teaching, research, student mobility, as well as the exchange of good practices.

  • Medal of Honour: Recognition of the work of individuals or institutions for their brilliant academic or professional career and/or their contribution to Higher Education.

  • Draft and publish monographs and studies on higher education, research, knowledge transfer, and innovation or experts’ analyses on key topics of interest and current issues.

  • Formulate proposals and position papers in the field of higher education and R&I and communicate them to public authorities and to the Spanish society, and actively participate, inform, and advise stakeholders on decisions that affect higher education.

  • Promote the presence and image of Spanish universities, both nationally and internationally.

  • Organise national and international conferences, events and seminars on the most relevant topics for higher education and research for the members of the association.