President of Crue Spanish Universities

Prof. Juan Romo, Rector of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid was unanimously elected as President of Crue Spanish Universities by its General Assembly on April 26, 2022. In his speech before the General Assembly, Rector Romo presented the priorities for his mandate: more autonomy, more funding, more internationalization, and better academic staff policies. In addition, he insisted that his work will focus on supporting universities in their mission of generating and transmitting knowledge, as well as in the improvement and cohesion of their social environment. The President stressed that ‘the University is the fundamental institution to transform the country into a knowledge society’ and reasserted the Crue’s role as ‘the voice of the universities with the Government and with the society in general’. Furthermore, he highlighted his committment to ‘placing value on the role of universities in the social and economic development of society’.

Prof. Juan Romo (Madrid, 1959), Rector of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid since March 2015 is President of Crue Spanish Universities since April 2022.

Graduated in Mathematical Sciences with Honours at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Ph.D. in Mathematics at Texas A&M University and a postdoctoral stay at the City University of New York. He has been Professor at the Universidad Complutense and at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where he is currently Full Professor of Statistics.