Josep Maria Garrell explains his candidacy for the presidency of the EUA before Crue’s General Assembly

Cordoba, December 1, 2022. During the General Assembly of Crue Spanish Universities held in Cordoba on December 1, Josep Maria Garrell, Rector of the Universitat Ramon Llull (2012-2022) and Vice President of Crue (2018-2022), explained his candidacy for the presidency of the European University Association (EUA). Garrell is the first candidate who, at the proposal of Crue, opts for the presidency of the main association of European universities after obtaining the approval of the EUA Council, made up of the presidencies of the European rectors’ conferences, last October

Crue and EUA organise a joint Workshop on the Reform of Research Assessment from a national perspective

Madrid, November 28, 2022. Crue Spanish Universities, in coordination with the European University Association (EUA), organized last Monday, November 28, the virtual Workshop ‘Perspectives on the reform of research evaluation in Spain’. The aim was to present the European Commission’s initiative for the reform of research assessmentl and invite to reflection on its relevance for Spanish universities. The meeting was inaugurated by José María Sanz Martínez, Executive Vice President of Crue Spanish Universities, and by Stephane Berghmans, Director of the Research and Innovation Unit of the European University Association (EUA)

Crue participates in the EUA Council meeting in Brussels

Brussels, October 28, 2022. Prof. Juan Romo, President of Crue Spanish Universities and Rector of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, participated last Friday, October 28, in the meeting of the Council of the European University Association (EUA). This meeting, held in Brussels, was the third and last meeting of 2022. President Romo was accompanied by Crue’s Executive Vice President, Prof. José María Sanz, and by the Secretary General, María Teresa Lozano. Prof. Josep Maria Garrell, former Vice President of Crue and Rector of the Universitat Ramon Llull (2012-2022) also attended the meeting as member of EUA Board

Meeting with France Universités at the Universidad del País Vasco

San Sebastián, October 24, 2022 Crue’s President, Prof. Juan Romo, met Prof. Manuel Tunon de Lara, President of France Universités, on Monday 24th October at the Gipuzkoa Campus of the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU), with the aim of reinforcing the bilateral relationship between the two associations. During the meeting, they addressed the participation of French …

Debate on the future of Doctoral Education in Europe and Spain

Madrid, October 3, 2022 Crue Universidades Españolas organized the webinar “The future of doctoral training in Europe” on October 3, to address the current opportunities and challenges for doctoral education in Europe and in Spain. The meeting was chaired by the Prof. Jaume Puy, Rector of the University of Lleida, member of Crue’s Standing Committee …