54 Spanish universities take part in European alliances

Madrid, July 2, 2024. Spain now has 54 universities in European alliances, having added 10 in 2024, positioning itself as the third country with the most institutions in the European Universities initiative, according to the results of the fifth call, recently published by the European Commission.

In 2019, 11 Spanish universities were selected; in the second call (2020), 13; in the third (2022), 7 universities (three in consortium expansions and four in new consortia) and in the fourth, 13 institutions were chosen (8 in consortium expansions and 5 in new alliances). In the fifth edition, the 10 selected universities participate in new alliances.

The results place Spain as the third country with the highest number of Higher Education institutions selected—55, in 52 of the 64 alliances—very close to Germany and France, with 66 and 63 universities, respectively. Of all the Spanish university institutions, 53 are part of CRUE.

The European Commission has achieved the strategic goal of reaching at least 60 alliances by mid-2024. In total, European Universities initiative includes more than 560 institutions from 35 countries, including all EU members plus Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey.