Mission, vision and values

Crue Universidades Españolas is constituted as an association of institutional and plural representation of its member Spanish Universities with the mission of contributing to empowering and improving higher education, through interuniversity cooperation and dialogue between Universities, public administrations and social agents.
The values of Crue Universidades Españolas are:

  1. Promote critical thinking, the culture of freedom and pluralism, as well as the values of a democratic, open, and supportive society.
  2. Promote respect for Human Rights and the environment, Social Responsibility and international cooperation.
  3. Defend the principles of justice, independence, equality, and non-discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance.
  4. Promote the comprehensive training of people that enables them to become responsible citizens and qualified professionals.
  5. Contribute to the sustained and sustainable progress of society through the transfer and socialisation of knowledge.
  6. Stimulate communication and dialogue between people.
  7. Assume the culture of quality, evaluation, transparency, and accountability.

Crue’s fundamental aims are:

  1. Promote and develop the quality of Higher Education, Research, Knowledge Transfer and Innovation, as well as the dissemination of science and culture, to achieve social progress.
  2. Represent its member Spanish Universities and promote cooperation between them and Public Administrations and Corporations, as well as foreign universities and social agents.
  3. Consolidate the social projection and the commitment of universities with society.
  4. Strengthen the quality and cohesion of universities and strengthen relations between them, respecting their singularities.
  5. Defend the interests of the universities before the Public Administration and Spanish society.
  6. Be a benchmark of knowledge as far as higher education is concerned.
  7. Promote the internationalisation of Spanish universities.
  8. Cooperate with public and private entities to undertake actions of common interest for universities.
  9. Represent its member Spanish universities before international organisations.