Learning and Teaching

Crue’s Sectorial Commission for Learning and Teaching was created in 2019 with the aim of coordinating the work related to the organisation of teaching within Spanish universities and is made up of the highest political representatives with competences in this field.

Its activities include studying, debating and drawing up proposals and recommendations with regards to all matters related with teaching quality, the organisation of degree programmes or the regulation of online teaching, among other.

Likewise, the mission of this Sectorial Commission is to formulate proposals and recommendations to the institutions and authorities with competences in its field of action.

Work Groups

1. Quality of L&T
2. Online L&T
3. Títulos Propios

Comité ejecutivo

Prof. Ángel Pazos Carro​​, Rector of the Universidad de Cantabria
Ing. Mª Teresa Lozano Mellado, Secretary General
Executive Secretary
Prof. Ernesto Anabitarte Cano, Universidad de Cantabria
Crue Spanish Universities
María Blanco Palencia, coordination of the Comission
- Prof. Fernando Vela Cossío, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
- Profª. Elena Auzmendi Escribano, Universidad de Deusto
- Profª. Beatriz Aranda Louvier, Universidad de Huelva
Representative for International Issues

Work Group Coordination

Quality of L&T
Prof. Nancy Vázquez Veiga, Universidade da Coruña
Online L&T
Prof. Begoña Prieto Moreno, Universidad de Burgos
Títulos Propios
Prof. María Valdés Gázquez, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona